It's Time To Live The Life YOU WANT....

​Jamial Mumford-  Founder,        Coach & Public Speaker​


​You have a dream or goal that you are passionate about? Need some help getting there? Visions Alliance has the expertise at helping our clients take their lives and businesses to the next stage. We  look forward to transforming your life and business ...


Visions Alliance has and continues to work with many teams, networking companies and communities.

Their most recent project is working with the Power Magnet Community. PMC has a mission to take their community to the next level and draw in a huge international base of members.


We have worked with a variety of individuals and businesses varying from non-profit, to corporate to network marketing companies. 

Visions Alliance has traveled through the United States and throughout the world empowering individuals and companies from all walks of life.


Our goal at Visions Alliance is to provide effective solutions designed to boost your self confidence to achieve your goals, be it small or a large.

Our coaches design solutions tailored specifically to your needs in order to ensure you achieve your dreams of success.

Check out our items and services. 


Jamial .... I must say I am grateful that through everything you stayed true to the person I initially met a motivator and an encourager.             Crystal - PA

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